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July 17, 2017
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Chinese Jade Arc Carving with Pearls and Removable Tassel


An old carving from China in an arc shape is strung with green and white multi-strand pearls.  The necklace closes with a silver Chinese peach charm (for a long and bountiful life) and macramé loop.  Another stone carving strung with a 10″ fringe of pearls connects to the arc necklace with a stunning turquoise Tibetan headpiece, very old and a collector’s item.  This carving with the fringe can be removed from the arc part of the necklace by unhooking it from the Tibetan pendant.  This gives you two ways to wear the necklace – as an intriguing  and elegant pearl necklace, or as the amazing work of art that it is.  The overall length of the  necklace is a show stopping 20″ from button to the end of the fringes.

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